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This book contains teacher resource pages, student activity sheets, picture cards which all can be reproduce on cardstock, laminated and cut them apart to create a picture file to use with the resource pages in this book.  


The activties will provide children with practice skills of observation, communication, making comparisons, ordering and catergorization.


Comcepts in the book covered:

  • Some things are living; somethings are non-living
  • Animals come in many sizes, shapes and colours
  • Animals have different kinds of body coverings
  • Animals move in many different ways
  • Animals make many different sounds
  • Animals live in many different kinds of homes
  • Animals have special body parts suited to their way of life
  • Some baby animals resemble their parents from birth
  • Some baby animals are very differnt from their parents at birth
  • Some aniams are wild; soem are tamed by people
  • Amimals are useful to mankind

Evan Moor: Animals Grade Prep - 1 BLM's

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