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Hardcover with dustcover - In Good Condition


It is a tremendous story of adventure, mutiny and high-jacking on the high seas told in the first person by a boy of thirteen who runs away to sea to seek a fortune for his family.


Ralph Raikes is the son of a farmer who has been evicted from his holding by a un-just landlord.  He goes to Liverpool, where a gang of scoundrels force him to sign on as a cabin-boy under the notorious Captain Swing.  He tells an exciting tale of his strange and terrifying experiences on board the Nero, which he later discovers to be a slave ship bound for another load of 'black ivory' from  West Africa.  His many adventures and eventual triumph over his villainous shipmates, and his vivid descriptions of the ship and of life at sea, combine to make a blustering, unflagging yarn in the tradition of the greatest tales of the sea.



Black Ivory By Norman Collins

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