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They're May, Jasmine, and Corey -- three totally different girls with one thing in common -- they love ponies! 

May's Riding Lesson 

Jasmine James can't stand it when Wil McNally teases her about her model Arabian horse. May Grover knows Wil is a bully and a tease, and she decides it's time to teach him a lesson. But Jasmine wants May to back off and leave Wil alone. May doesn't understand -- until she begins helping Corey Takamura train her pony, Samurai, for the scavenger hunt at Pine Hollow Stables. Soon May discovers there's a better way to stop a bully.... 

See back of book for Jasmine's Tips for Braiding A Pony's Mane And Tail! 

Don't miss The Saddle Club, the best-selling series by Bonnie Bryant!

Pony Tails - May’s Riding Lesson #2 by Bonnie Bryant

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