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Hardback With Dust Jacket


An Australian pioneering story set in the lush, newly settled Western District of the Colony of Victoria.  The year is 1844: the Webster family - John Webster, carpenter; Belinda, his prim, lady-like sister, and his motherless children, Henrietta, Andrew, William, and baby Edward - arrive by bullock cart at the wattle and daub hut in the Vale of the Wannon which is their first home in Australia.


Twelve-year-old Henrietta, high-spirited and resourceful, and her three brothers soon find themselves involved in a host of new esperiences and adventures, mostly preipitated by the ruthlessness of Benjamin Jones, manager of hte sheep station where John Webster has taken up employment.  It is Jones' implacable enmity towards the Aborigines girl, to the shelter of the Websters' home; and it is his attempts to cheat John Webster out of his contract of employment that sends Henrietta and yound William on a desperate journery through the night to Melbourne town, to seek justice for their father.  





The Brown Land Was Green by Mavis Thorpe Clark - Hard to Get

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