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Hard Cover with Dust Jacket - In Good Condition - Slight yellow to pages due to age.


The Long hot Australian summer strectch before Faith Melville.  It was an important summer for her, because she had just left the junior school and would at the Kenilworth Public School next year.  There was Christmas to look forward to, of corse; but Faith who had always been top of her class and acknowledged leader among her friends, felt she would like to do something particularly exciting this year, and find somebody more important to do it with than the freinds - Besty and Barbara and her brother Jamey - who been her companions till now.  So she was delighted to learn that a great-niece, Pauline, was coming to stay with some neighbouring farmers: perhaps she would be the friend she was looking for.


Pauline proved to be a forceful personality, full of ideas, and it was she who suusmed command in all their enterprises.  As a result, Faith foiund herself facing unexpected problems and disappointments, and was forced to summon all her innate good sense to ehlp her overcome them.


This story of a girl who reaching out to find her true place among friends is written with understanding and sincerity.  The author, herself an Australian, has vividly captured the spirit of lively group of children against a happy background of day-to-date life in Australia. 

The Summer in Between by Eleanor Spence

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