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A silly and fun camping adventure featuring the Wombat family's 12 comical kids and their two teachers, with wonderfully detailed and lively watercolor illustrations Meet the Wombats: Naucia's a bit posh, Audrey's a literary genius, Hughie's scared of nothing, and Ima loves baking. Ollie's small and fast, and Sardinia does magic tricks. Albert knows everything. Dante's never without his ball, Ava wants to win, Freddie has one eye, Alecia hates everything, and Horrie loves his pet rat. The Wombats are going on their first camping trip ever, with their teachers Mrs. Nott and Ms. Annabel. Join them as they explore, build, cook, perform, climb, jump, scare each other silly, and have the time of their lives!

The Wombats Go On Camp by Roland Harvey

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