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In good condition From the author of the bestselling Saddle Club books comes a series about three pony-crazy girls May, Jasmine, and Joey are best friends and neighbors—and they’re totally horse-crazy. When they aren’t taking care of their ponies at home, they’re riding them at Pony Club meetings at Pine Hollow Stables.But the trio is torn apart when Joey’s family moves away and a new neighbor moves in. Odd things start happening at Joey’s old house—lights flicker from inside, and strange noises come from the barn. Who is this new neighbor, and what’s going on inside their friend’s old house? It’s up to these two best friends to find out!From School Library JournalGrade 3-5?This spin-off of "The Saddle Club" series (Skylark) features eight-year-old neighbors May and Jasmine, members of the Horse Wise Pony Club. When a new family moves into their neighborhood, the children see suspicious lights and noises. "I think it's a mad scientist," May declares, and the girls worry about the newcomers setting up a laboratory until they meet the new girl and her veternarian mother. Written in short, simple sentences, the plot progresses through the youngsters' mistaken conclusions, Corey's hurt feelings, and a dramatic rescue. Then the three teammates secure their friendship by winning a mounted game contest. The scenes are believable?except for the premise of a rogue horse attacking Corey. The action and characters will prod readers to look for sequels.?

Pony Tails Pony Crazy #1 By Jeanne Betancourt

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