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Softback - In Very Good Condition


Twelve-year-old Reba Castillo thought she knew the San Gabriel mountains like the back of her hand. But now things are changing. New condominiums are going up, threatening the family's burro pack station. And her mother's boyfriend is wreaking havoc with Reba's life.

One day when Reba is out exploring, her burro spooks. A rank smell fills the air. Suddenly, a creature she's never seen before leaps out at her.

When a bounty hunter arrives, determined to track down and kill the beast, Reba must choose whether to side with the bounty hunter or save the animal. With the help of her friend Sean, she stands up to the bounty hunter and learns the power of faith--and the strength of love.

The Reba Novel series offers the best in reading entertainment for the middle schooler. Well-crafted writing, realistic characters, and exciting situations help readers test and find true their own Christian beliefs.

The Bounty Hunter by Marian Flandrick Bray

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